Cheap Fiber Laser Welding machine

Model:                1500W

Type:                  Laser Welding Machine

Products Introduction:   Designed for small to medium-scale operations, it offers precise welding performance across various materials. With its compact design and user-friendly interface, it’s an ideal choice for entry-level users seeking reliable welding solutions without compromising on results.

Product Feature

  • Cost-Efficient Precision: Despite its affordability, this machine doesn’t compromise on precision. Advanced fiber laser technology ensures accurate and reliable welds on various materials, optimizing cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface streamlines operations for both novice and experienced users. Easy parameter adjustments, pre-set profiles, and clear controls enhance productivity and reduce training time, making it an accessible solution for diverse welding tasks.
  • Compact Design, Versatile Use: Its compact footprint allows seamless integration into different workspaces. Whether you’re handling repairs, customization, or production tasks, this machine’s portability and versatility make it suitable for a range of applications while fitting within budget constraints.

Product Details


Machine Name

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Laser Power

1000W    1500W    2000W   3000W

Laser Wave Length


Laser Source

Max./ Raycus / JPT / IPG

Fiber Length


Cooling Mode

Water cooling

Laser Pulse Frequency


Pulse Width


Adjusted spot range


Minimum Welding pool


Gas source

0.2Mpa (Argon )

Working Voltage

AC220V / 50Hz / 60HZ    AC380V / 50Hz / 60HZ  

Gross Weight



Video Show


Fiber laser welding machines can effectively weld a wide range of materials, including:

Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Copper and Copper Alloys, Nickel Alloys, High-Strength Steels, Tool Steels, Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum), Brass Alloys, Dissimilar Metal Combinations, Magnesium Alloys, Exotic Alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy), Cast Iron, Galvanized Steel, Heat-Resistant Alloys, Refractory Metals (Tungsten, Molybdenum), Composite Materials, Plastics (Polymer Welding).


Yes, fiber laser welding machines can be integrated into automated systems for continuous and precise welding operations.


 Yes, fiber laser welding machines are ideal for welding thin materials due to their focused and precise laser beams.

Regular maintenance includes cleaning the optics, checking the fiber optic cable, and inspecting the cooling system.

The power rating depends on the thickness and type of materials you will be welding. Higher power ratings are suitable for thicker materials.

Yes, fiber laser welding machines can be used for spot welding applications with precise control over the laser’s power and duration.

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