150W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Model:               HY-1390

Type:                 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Products Introduction:  With its high-performance laser beam, this machine effortlessly engraves and cuts through various materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and more. Its exceptional precision and speed guarantee stunning results, while its user-friendly interface and intuitive software make it easy to bring your visions to life. Experience efficiency and accuracy like never before with our 150W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine – the perfect companion for artists, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs looking to elevate their creations to new heights.

Product Introduction

  • Imported high-precision linear guide rail transmission makes the optical laser path and movement more stable, and better cutting effects.
  • Advanced DSP control system, high speed, eaA
  • Fixed cabinet frame for rigidity.
  • Front back door open for allowing items to pull through the laser machine as they are cut/engraved.
  • Z axis Motorized Up/Down Table.
  • Large motors for faster engraving speed
  • Easy access for interchanging the rotary attachment
  • Red-Dot pointer to help you see the expected laser beam position.
  • Auto Focus touch sensor to easily set the right height for best engraving and cutting.
  • Work surface has a vacuum table box/funnel built in the design. This can pull warped sheets material down to become flat.
  • Parts tray for removing small parts or scrap from under the work bed.
  • Fully enclosed laser case yields a class I (user-friendly) laser product.
  • sy operation, high cutting speed.
  • Motorized up-down table optional to allow customers to process thick materials. Red dot and auto focusing optional for easy operation and better working efficiency.
  • We can make double or more laser heads to improve work efficiency.

Product Details

Machine Optional Parts




Standard Laser power:


Optional Laser power:


Engraving Area

1300x900mm/ 51.18×35.43inch

Gross power


Laser type:

CO2 glass laser tube

Cutting depth:

Acrylic 0-20mm, others material(varied according to the nature)

Engraving speed :


Cutting speed:


Resetting positioning accuracy:


Maximum forming character:

Figure/English: 1x 1mm

Power supply:

220V±10% 50HZ or 110V±10% 60HZ

Software supported:

ArtCut, PhotoShop (Conversion output)

CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Lasercut (Direct output)

Main Graphic format supported:

PLT/DXF/BMP/AI (Direct output)

Engraver for Curve surfaces:

Rotary clamp is optional and used to engrave on curse surfaces

Water Cooling:


Maximum Height of 
Materials to Engrave:

270mm/10.63in.(Up and down adjustable by motor)

Laser tube(life hours):

3000-4000 hours/ reci 8000-10000 hours



Assistant Equipment:

Dual red dot pointer

Water pump

Air pump

Exhaust Fan

Flat aluminum-alloy table

slat worktable

Spare Parts Recommend (R): Laser Tube, Lens, Mirror

Options: Motorized up-down table, Rotary clamp, Water chiller, Auto focus, Honeycomb worktable


Video Show


Applicable materials:

wood, MDF, balsa, timber, veneer, plywood, bamboo, acrylic, crystal, glass, plexiglass, mirror glass, textiles, garments plastics, PMMA, paper, cardboard, foam, foils and films, packaging film, PES, Laminate sheet, double color board/plate, granite, marble, slate, leather, rubber, ceramic and other nonmetal materials.


Applicable industries:

advertisement, arts and crafts, gifts, printing and packaging, leather industry, garment cloths industry, model industry, gravestone/combstone industry, photographic sutio industry, computerized embroidery and clipping, paper industry and decoration industry.


Customer Feedback

We value our customers’ opinions and are delighted to share their feedback. We take pride in exceeding expectations and providing exceptional customer experiences.


No, CO2 laser machines typically engrave and cut one layer of material at a time. The laser beam focuses on the top layer, so if you want to engrave or cut multiple layers, you’ll need to perform the process on each layer separately.

The maximum thickness a CO2 laser machine can cut depends on various factors such as the power of the machine, the type of material, and the specific capabilities of the machine. Generally, CO2 laser machines can cut materials up to several millimeters thick, but thicker materials may require multiple passes or alternative cutting methods.

CO2 laser machines are primarily designed for 2D engraving and cutting. While they can create depth by varying the laser power, they are not typically used for intricate 3D object creation. For 3D designs, other technologies like 3D printers or CNC machines may be more suitable.

CO2 laser machines can engrave on certain types of stone or granite. However, the level of engraving detail and quality may vary depending on the hardness and composition of the specific stone or granite. Test engraving on a sample piece is recommended to determine the results.

CO2 laser machines often have alignment features such as red dot pointers or cameras to aid in precise positioning and alignment. Utilizing these features and properly calibrating the machine will help achieve accurate results.

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