What materials can fiber laser cleaning machine clean?

A fiber laser cleaning machine is a versatile tool capable of cleaning a wide range of materials. Its ability to effectively remove contaminants, coatings, oxides, and unwanted substances from surfaces makes it applicable to various industries. Here are some of the materials that a fiber laser cleaning machine can clean:

1. Metals:

Steel (mild, stainless, and carbon), Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Nickel-based alloys, Zinc-coated metals

2. Plastics:

Some types of plastics and polymers can be effectively cleaned using fiber laser cleaning. Care must be taken to choose the appropriate laser settings to prevent melting or damage.

3. Stone and Concrete:

Stone surfaces, concrete, and masonry can be cleaned to remove graffiti, paint, dirt, and other contaminants.

4. Ceramics:

Ceramic surfaces, tiles, and pottery can be cleaned of dirt, paint, or residue.

5. Glass:

Glass surfaces can be cleaned and prepared for further treatments or coatings.

6. Wood:

In certain applications, fiber laser cleaning can remove coatings, paint, and contaminants from wood surfaces.

7. Plated Surfaces:

Plated surfaces, such as chrome or zinc plating, can be cleaned to remove corrosion, oxidation, and other unwanted layers.

8. Electronic Components:

Delicate electronic components and circuit boards can benefit from precision cleaning using fiber lasers.

9. Cultural Artifacts:

Fiber laser cleaning can be used for art restoration to delicately remove dirt, soot, or unwanted layers from historical artifacts.

10. Automotive and Aerospace Components:

Engine parts, aircraft components, and automotive surfaces can be cleaned to remove contaminants and coatings.

11. Industrial Equipment:

Industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, and tools can be cleaned to maintain performance and prevent contamination.

12. Rust and Corrosion Removal:

Fiber laser cleaning is highly effective at removing rust and corrosion from various materials.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of fiber laser cleaning on a specific material depends on factors such as the material’s properties, its reaction to laser energy, and the type of contaminants or coatings to be removed. Before using a fiber laser cleaning machine on a particular material, it’s recommended to perform test cleaning to ensure that the process achieves the desired results without causing damage.

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