The difference between continuous fiber laser and pulsed fiber laser

Continuous Fiber Laser:

A continuous fiber laser emits a constant and steady laser beam throughout the welding or cutting process. Here are some characteristics and benefits of continuous fiber lasers:

1.Steady Power Output: CW lasers provide a consistent power output, resulting in a continuous energy supply during the entire welding or cutting operation. This steady beam is ideal for applications that require uniform and smooth welds.

2.High Speed and Efficiency: Continuous lasers are often used for high-speed processes, making them suitable for applications that demand rapid production rates.

3.Minimal Heat Affected Zone (HAZ): The continuous nature of the beam can lead to a smaller heat affected zone, making CW lasers suitable for applications involving thin or heat-sensitive materials.

4.Deep Penetration Welding: Continuous fiber lasers are known for their ability to achieve deep penetration welds, especially in thicker materials.

Pulsed Fiber Laser:
Pulsed fiber lasers emit laser energy in pulses, with short bursts of high power followed by periods of rest. Here are the characteristics and advantages of pulsed fiber lasers:

1.Precise Control: Pulsed lasers offer finer control over the energy delivery, pulse duration, and frequency. This precision is valuable for applications requiring delicate and controlled processing.

2.Reduced Heat Transfer: Pulsed lasers minimize the heat transferred to the material, resulting in less distortion and a smaller HAZ. This is advantageous when working with materials prone to warping or heat damage.

3.Versatility: Pulsed lasers can be used for a wide range of applications, including marking, engraving, and welding. Their ability to control the energy delivery makes them suitable for intricate designs and fine details.

4.Material Compatibility: Pulsed lasers are often chosen for welding dissimilar materials, as they allow for more controlled energy input, reducing the risk of material damage.

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