What materials can be marked with a UV laser machine?

A UV laser marking machine is highly versatile and can mark a wide range of materials due to its unique characteristics. The ability to emit ultraviolet light at approximately 355 nanometers enables precise and high-contrast markings on various substrates. Let’s explore the materials that can be marked with a UV laser machine and the industries where this technology finds significant application:

Materials Suitable for UV Laser Marking:

PlasticsABS, PVC, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc.
GlassGlassware, automotive glass, architectural glass, etc.
MetalsStainless steel, titanium, some coated metals, etc.
CeramicsCeramic tiles, electronic components, kitchenware, etc.
SemiconductorsMicrochips, wafers, semiconductor devices, etc.
Organic MaterialsWood, leather, paper, fabrics, etc.

Suitable Industries for UV Laser Marking:

IndustryExamples of Applications
Electronics & SemiconductorsMarking PCBs, microchips, semiconductor wafers, etc.
Medical DevicesMarking surgical instruments, implants, medical equipment, etc.
AutomotiveMarking engine components, panels, interior trims, etc.
Jewelry & WatchesEngraving logos, serial numbers, and personalized details on jewelry and luxury watches.
Glass & CeramicsMarking on glassware, architectural glass, ceramic products, etc.
PackagingMarking on various plastics used in packaging materials for branding and identification.
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