CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Application

CO2 laser engraving acrylic
A precise and efficient process that uses a CO2 laser to etch detailed designs, logos, or texts onto acrylic surfaces.
CO2 laser cutting acrylic
Using a carbon dioxide laser to cleanly and accurately cut acrylic sheets into intricate shapes or designs with high precision.
CO2 laser engraving wood
A method that utilizes a CO2 laser to create intricate patterns, designs, or texts on wooden surfaces with exceptional precision and detail.
CO2 laser cutting wood
Offers clean, precise cuts with minimal charring. It's suitable for various wood types and enables intricate designs, making it popular in crafting, signage, and woodworking industries.

Laser Marking Machine Application

Laser marking metals
Metal types include stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, gold, silver, titanium, iron, steel alloys, tool steel, cobalt chrome.
Fiber marking coated metal
It can offer high-contrast, permanent markings without causing damage to the coating. It enables precise, durable, and customizable markings on various coated metal surfaces.
Fiber marking ring, bracelet
Provide intricate, permanent engravings with high precision. It allows personalization, branding, and artistic designs on jewelry items, adding value and uniqueness.
Fiber deep marking on metal
Creates permanent, deep engravings with excellent legibility. It ensures durability and readability for applications like serial numbers, part identification, and traceability in manufacturing.

Laser Welding Machine Application​

Laser welding metals
Metal types include stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, copper, brass, titanium, nickel alloys, gold and silver alloys, platinum, palladium, other metal alloys.
Automotive Industry
Laser welding is commonly used in the automotive sector for joining different components like body parts, exhaust systems, chassis, and engine parts. It provides strong and reliable welds, contributing to the structural integrity and safety of vehicles.
Aerospace Industry
In the aerospace field, where high precision and strength are crucial, laser welding is utilized for applications such as joining aircraft components, fuel tanks, engine parts, and other critical structures.
Electronics Industry
Laser welding is used in the electronics sector for delicate and precise welding of small components like connectors, sensors, and batteries, where traditional welding methods may cause thermal damage.

Laser Cleaning Machine Application

Laser cleaning
Laser cleaning machines are advanced tools used for non-contact cleaning, surface preparation, and surface treatment across various industries.
Manufacturing Industry
Laser cleaning machines are extensively used in manufacturing industries to clean and prepare metal surfaces before welding, painting, or coating. They remove oxides, grease, and other impurities to ensure strong and reliable bonding.
Automotive Industry
In the automotive sector, laser cleaning machines are utilized for cleaning and preparing automotive parts, such as engine components, brakes, and exhaust systems, before assembly or painting.
Aerospace Industry
Laser cleaning is used in aerospace applications to clean turbine blades, engine components, and aircraft surfaces. The precise cleaning process helps maintain the performance and efficiency of aerospace equipment.